Big Bend Weather Storm Lab

Our most comprehensive section with real time data and detection of severe storms, official warnings and much more.
When you hover over the Storm Lab menu, at the top of the menu is a banner which will show if there are any active watches, warnings or advisories for Brewster (Texas). or if there are none, it will state so. If a warning message is displayed, you can scroll down and right click to open the detail in a new window or you can click the Brewster Cnty Advisories link below the Warnings heading.

Storm Lab has all the critical sources of data for the Big Bend in one easy to find section. As Big Bend is outside of the limitation of NexRad, the NWS is unable to provide warnings for many storms as they are unable to detect them. Big Bend Weather has its own specialized equipment that does detect severe storms. By leveraging lightning detection hardware with sophisticated software algorithms, our Storm Tracker can detect thunderstorms over a 375 mile radius. The app is easily configured by the user to show the severe areas on a map, determine if the storm is intensifying and in which direction it is moving. Our Storm Tracker fills the gap where the NWS leaves off, for the Big Bend community. Our Storm Tracker displays in real time and can also be configured as a proximity warning with user supplied coordinates and a coverage area defined by a radius in miles.

Storm Lab Info

  • Storm Lab Overview - Summary of the collection of pages and apps in Storm Lab
  • NWS Advisories - Brewster County - When you hover over the Storm Lab menu, there is a banner display indicating whether or not there are any active watches, warnings or advisories for Brewster (Texas). If there are any, a notification will appear. When the NWS has issued one, it will indicate so and It is possible to scroll down to a hyperlink. As this is a small window, if you do click on it, make sure you right click and select to open it in a new window or tab else it will be difficult to view. You can also display the alert in a full window by clicking the Brewster Cnty Advisories link under the Warnings section. If there are not any, a notification will show the following: "There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for Brewster (Texas)". The purpose of this is to always display an indication of whether the NWS has or has not issued any watches, warnings or advisories for Brewster County. This way, whenever you simply hover over the Storm Lab link, you will immediately know if there are any, even if you do not visit a page. The NWS updates this type of info about every 2 minutes and when you first browse to Big Bend Weather, the status of these "warnings" will be instantly checked. Please note that this feature on Big Bend Weather, only checks for alerts issued for Brewster County, TX and are usually of a more severe nature than some of the NWS's other alerts. The Hazardous weather alerts link under the Warnings section, although issued for Terlingua, typically covers the Big Bend region and more are more general in nature for less severe conditions.




Severe Storms

  • Storm Tracker - Our premier application for the detection and tracking of severe storms in Real Time, User configurable (Requires Adobe Flash browser support)
  • Storm Station - Real Time Storm detection and tracking in pure HTML, suitable for display on most any browser
  • Lightning Display - Graphic displaying current storm cells in the Big Bend Region - updated every 60 seconds (Some browsers may cache this image - if the date and time in the upper right hand corner of the image is not the current time, please refresh your browser)


Lightning Networks

  • StrikeStar - Nation wide Lightning network. Our lightning data is uploaded to Strike Star where it is then utilized by Weatherunderground for display on their apps and radar pages



  • Wx GIS - A Weather Graphical Information Systems viewer with various data overlays including Satellite views, temperature, humidity, UV, Flu and more. Licensed by Weatherunderground for use on our site
  • NWS Radar - National Weather Service Nexrad sites showing current radar images and limits of coverage for different data sets
  • US Radar - A composite map of recent radar imagery
  • US Regional-TX - A regional (S Texas) composite radar view
  • MesoWest - A project to provide access to current and archive weather observations across the United States. with summaries from individual automated weather stations
  • Infrared-BW_Sat - Infrared Satellite view of the SW United States
  • Visible_Sat - Visible satellite view of the SW United States